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Who is IAQG?

IAQG is an international non-profit association, registered in Brussels, operating under Belgian law. The IAQG is a cooperative organization within the aircraft, space & defense industry comprised of 3 sectors:

  • Americas – AAQG (SAE AS9100)
  • Europe – EAQG (EN/AS9100)
  • Asia/Pacific – APAQG (JISQ 9100)
    • JAQG – Japan Aerospace Quality Group
    • CAQG – China Aerospace Quality Group
    • KAQG – Korean Aerospace Quality Group

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The purpose of IAQG is to establish and maintain a dynamic cooperation based upon trust between aerospace & defense companies on goals to make improvements in quality performance and reductions in cost throughout the value stream. IAQG’s focus is to continuously improve processes that are used by the supply chain in order to consistently deliver quality products, with the overall goal aimed at reducing non-value-added activities and cost. IAQG promotes a quality culture and does so by developing and managing Quality Management System standards.


IAQG has four main objectives:

  1. Establish commonality of aviation, space, and defense quality systems
  2. Establish and implement a process of continual improvement
  3. Establish methods to share best practices in the aviation, space, and defense industry
  4. Coordinate strategies and activities with regulatory/government agencies and other industry stakeholders

More about IAQG

If you aren’t already, please become familiar with:

IAQG Supply Chain Management Handbook (SCMH) helps the supply chain improve their quality performance through better understanding of AS&D QMS standards (i.e. AS9100/10/20) and expectations. Many helpful tools as well as training.

IAQG OASISThis online resource contains a list of suppliers who are certified/registered under the IAQG rules to be in compliance with the aerospace quality management system requirements (9100 series). This resource also contains all bodies involved in the process (i.e. National Accreditation Bodies, Certification/Registration bodies and Authenticated Aerospace Experienced Auditors). If you would like additional information, you can learn more about OASIS here.


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