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AS9100 Rev D Improvement

Key Requirements:

  • Determine and select opportunities for improvement.
  • React to nonconformities and take action to eliminate.
  • Implement corrective actions as appropriate and review their effectiveness.
  • Keep records of nonconformities and corrective actions.
  • Continually improve your quality management system (QMS).

Section 10 Improvement

Section 10.1 General

Identify opportunities that will improve your QMS and implement these improvements with the goal of meeting customer requirements and enhancing customer satisfaction. Opportunities for improvement (OFIs) can include corrective actions or improvement projects (i.e. Six Sigma DMAIC).

Section 10.2 Nonconformity and corrective action

When nonconformities occur, they must be dealt with either by controlling, correcting, or accepting the consequences. Next, determine if actions to eliminate recurrence of the nonconformity (corrective actions) are needed by identifying and addressing the root cause. Keep in mind, those actions must be addressed in a timely manner, reviewed to determine if they were effective, and flow down to your suppliers if applicable.

Your organization’s process for managing nonconformities and corrective actions must be documented and records of nonconformities kept that describe their nature, actions taken, and results of any corrective actions.

Section 10.3 Continual improvement

Continually improve your QMS. Consider using internal audits, management reviews, company performance metrics, or benchmarking to help identify opportunities for improvement. Improvement activities must be monitored to ensure they are on track and produce desired results.

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