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Nonconformity and Corrective Action

Using the requirements of the AS9100D standard can help ensure that your organization does not miss any requirements for your Aerospace Quality Management System.

A nonconformity is any failure to meet a requirement of your AS9100. Requirements can be that of a customer’s, statutory or regulatory body, AS9100, or your organizations. When an organization is subject to a nonconformity, they must react to the nonconformity by taking action to properly deal with it, or by accepting and dealing with the consequences. Next, the organization must determine the root cause(s), including as applicable, those related to human factors. Understand if any similar nonconformities exist and implement corrective actions needed so that nonconformities do not reoccur.

Nonconformity and Corrective Action requirements of AS9100 D are the same as ISO 9001:2015, with the exception that two steps are added to 10.2.1 g and h. In addition to the steps above the organization also must flow down corrective action requirements to an external provider when it is determined that the external provider is responsible for the nonconformity and take actions when timely and effective corrective actions are not achieved.

The requirements around nonconformities and corrective actions have not changed much between the AS9100C and AS9100D standards with two exceptions, 10.2.1 d and e. Organizations are required to review the success of any corrective actions taken and update risks and opportunities if necessary, during planning. Reviewing can be done in many different ways such as holding a meeting, observing, or follow-up with a relevant party. Updating risks and opportunities is often done using a risk management system, though a formal system is not a requirement.

The nature of nonconformities, actions taken to address them, and results of corrective actions must be documented. Check out our Forms Package which includes a nonconformance report and corrective action request to help your organization meet the documentation requirements around nonconformity and corrective action.


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