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What is SCMH?

SCMH is the acronym for Supply Chain Management Handbook. SCMH was developed by the IAQG, an international non-profit association that operates under Belgian law, a cooperative organization within the aerospace & defense industry.

The SCMH aims to help suppliers understand the requirements of AS9100. The handbook provides guidance and best practices to allow suppliers to meet the requirements and fulfill expectations.

The newest version of the handbook focuses on the “how”. For example, in AS9100D, the requirements state that the organization must select suppliers which meet the organization’s requirements. This statement is vague and does not give instruction on how to do this, for this reason the handbook explains how to select suppliers that will meet these requirements.

The SCMH has seven sections which include:

  1. Market & Sell
  2. Design & Development
  3. Make
  4. Buy
  5. Deliver
  6. Customer Support
  7. Plan & Manage

To learn more, read IAQG’s IAQG Supply Chain Management Handbook (SCMH).

SCMH offers many helpful resources, including guidance on Core Tools, as well as free webinars.

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