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The AS9145 Aerospace standard was created to establish the aviation, space, and defense (ASD) process requirements for two of the Aviation Core Tools: Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).  The current version was published in 2016.


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What is APQP?

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is an organized approach to product and process design. This approach is a standardized set of quality requirements designed for suppliers to allow them to design a product that meets customers’ needs. APQP was designed to assure that the needs of the customer are clearly understood, translated into requirements, technical specifications, and special characteristics. The APQP was developed to create a proactive structured approach for the product development processes used throughout the aviation, space, and defense industries. This process will ensure that industries have fully integrated processes, extending from concept and design to manufacturing process, into product use, service, and customer feedback. This standard integrates and collaborates with the requirements of the AS9100, AS9102, AS9103, and AS9110 standards.

What is PPAP?

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) defines the approval process for new or revised parts, and also parts produced from new or revised production methods. PPAP is a standardized process in aerospace industries that helps manufacturers and suppliers communicate and approve production designs and processes before, during, and after manufacture. The PPAP manual specifies guidelines and examples documents to help complete the process requirements. The PPAP is an output of APQP and was created to ensure that the production process produces products that consistently meet customers’ requirements.  IAQG provides PPAP documents for your use here.

You may be interested in APQP Training or PPAP Training for your quality team.  These courses are online and provide quizzes, a certificate, and CEU’s.

APQP Training Course PPAP Training Course

How are APQP and PPAP related?

The APQP process includes a PPAP. This process, in addition to the FAI process (outlined in AS9102), allows suppliers to show that their production process is consistent and capable of producing products that meet customer requirements.

PPAP is required by many Aerospace customers and has been for several years. Customers include Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier Aerospace, Spirit Aerosystems, etc. Currently, now that PPAP is part of APQP, it is receiving industry recognition.

APQP is greatly beneficial to your organization. If integrated into the new product development as a prevention strategy, rather than a “customer document generation process”, this is advantageous as it helps reduce “infant mortality” costs, which are often incurred on new products. Combined with PPAP and FAI, an APQP will assure that manufacturing process functions are clearly defined, planned, validated, documented, and communicated, and in return result in:

  • Reduced process variation
  • Statistically controlled processes
  • Enhanced customer confidence in supplier’s capabilities
  • Consistent quality and delivery

IAQG urges their supply chain to use these problem-solving tools as part of their Quality Management System. It’s not just knowing about them, it’s understanding and using them to solve problems. At least one of your internal auditors should be well versed in these skills. SCMH – IAQG offers free webinars to help you understand Core Tools at a high level. Check our Free Training page for any upcoming courses.

The requirements specified in this standard are complementary (not alternative) to contractual and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Should there be a conflict between the requirements of this standard and applicable statutory or regulatory requirements, the latter shall take precedence.


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