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Compare AS9100D to AS9100C

The latest revision of AS9100 is AS9100D. AS9100D includes the full text of ISO 9001:2015, as which it is based off of with additional requirements for the aerospace and defense industry. As the aerospace industry changes quickly within complex environments, the key changes of the industry are addressed in AS9100D, and we are going to discuss them below.

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Changes Specific to the Aerospace Standard:

Product Safety

Product Safety has been added throughout the AS9100D requirements. AS9100C did not address product safety as thoroughly, and AS9100D has taken this a step forward and addressed product safety considerations throughout a product’s life cycle.

Human Factors

Human factors are addressed within the nonconformity/corrective action. In AS9100C, human factors were not considered when taken into account nonconformity and error. In the new standard AS9100D, human factors including stress, fatigue, distraction, communication errors, etc., can all play a factor. The new requirements not only take this into consideration, but to review human factors during the root cause analysis.

Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit products have become an increasing issue, and the new requirements addresses this issue to help prevent unauthorized, substitutes or modified parts from getting used or sold, and also to help organizations make sure they are not working with an unauthorized manufacturer.

Configuration Management

In the new standard AS9100D, configuration management has been better explained and improved greatly to address stakeholders.

Product Realization and Planning

The new standard has clarified the requirements for product realization and planning.

Ethics training

Personnel must be made aware of the importance of ethical behavior. It is a good idea to have an Ethics Policy for the company to train personnel.


Companies must determine a procedure for their communication including what they will communicate, when to communicate, to whom to communicate, how to communicate and who will communicate within the organization.


Requirements for purchasing have now been expanded, including requirements for suppliers to make their employees aware of Product Safety and the importance of Ethical Behavior and their contribution to product or service conformity.

Changes based off of ISO 9001:2015


The standard structure of AS9100D is now made up of 10 clauses. It is advised that you renumber your system to help your personnel and external auditors better relate to the new standard.

Context of the Organization

Defining the context of the organization is an important part of implementing the AS9100 requirements. Companies are expected to monitor internal and external issues by analyzing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats on an ongoing basis.

Interested External Parties

Organizations need to document a description of who their external interested parties are, this includes customers, regulatory authorities, parent corporation, stockholders, etc.


Risk has been expanded to encompass the new ISO 9001 requirements on risk-based thinking. Risk-based thinking permeates the entire QMS, and organizations must now assess corporate risk, process risk and opportunities. To help manage problems and risks, this standard uses a Plan-Do-Check-Act approach.

Management Review

Management Review has several new input requirements, this includes: the performance of external providers and delivery performance, the adequacy of resources, actions to address risks and opportunities.

Organizational Knowledge

This new requirement pushes organizations to determine what knowledge and training is necessary for their personnel. Further, it also asks organizations to have defined job descriptions and methods for performing duties in order to institutionalize critical knowledge.

Change Management

The new standard emphasizes controlling changes to the QMS including its processes, planning, procedures, production. Documentation is important for control.

Learn more about the differences between AS9100 Rev D and ISO 9001:2015 here.



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