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AS5553B: Counterfeit Electrical, Electronic, and Electromechanical (EEE) Parts; Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition 

What is AS5553?

SAE AS5553 standardizes the requirements, practices and methods to reduce counterfeit parts entering the supply chain. It provides Requirements and Guidance by outlining actions an organization can take to address the growing problem of counterfeit parts across the entire electronics industry.

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Incorporates recognized best practices in:

  • Component Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Procurement
  • Inspection
  • Test/Evaluation Methods
  • Response strategies when counterfeit components are suspected or detected

Who needs AS5553?

All electronic industries: Defense, Aerospace, Civil & Commercial


How bad is the problem?

Counterfeit Amount
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It is an industry-wide global problem, particularily ind AS&D industries. ERAI, Inc. receives ~200 suspect counterfeit part complaints/month and confirmed more than 2800 brokers selling counterfeit components.

What are the Benefits of AS5553?

Reduction in counterfeit parts throughout the industry, thus limiting supply-chain risk. AS5533 is oftentimes required, but is a benefical to implement to help mitigate the risks of counterfeit parts. 

AS6081 and AS5533

If you are an indepedent distributor and are interested in being compliant to AS5533, you need to also implement the sister standard AS6081AS6081 is similar to AS5553, but it contains prescriptive counterfeit parts avoidance requirements intended for distributors that purchase from the open market.


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