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AS9100 Rev D Planning

Key Requirements:

  • Take actions to address risks and opportunities.
  • Establish quality objectives.
  • Plan for how quality objectives will be met.
  • Plan for changes to be made to the quality management system (QMS).

Section 6 Planning

Section 6.1: Actions to Address Risks and Opportunities

When planning for your quality management system (QMS) you must determine what your risks and opportunities are, plan the actions to take for addressing these risks and opportunities, and evaluate the effectiveness of the actions taken.

A risk is a positive or negative deviation from the expected. Addressing a risk could mean pursuing a new opportunity. Opportunities can include the adoption of new customers, products, technology, or practices.

Risks and opportunities are present in every process. Using risk-based thinking (RBT), organizations can plan for these potential risks or opportunities and take actions before they occur to control, mitigate, or enhance their effects.

Section 6.2: Quality Objectives and Planning to Achieve Them

Quality objectives are your organization’s business goals for your QMS. They can be anything from improving on-time delivery to reducing part defects as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • Align with the quality policy.
  • Are measurable, monitored, communicated, and updated as appropriate.
  • Take into consideration the requirements of customers, statutory and regulatory bodies, AS9100, and your organization.
  • Are applicable to the products and services you offer and to enhancing customer satisfaction.

Once the objectives are defined and documented, a plan is to be developed for how the organization will achieve them. That plan must include what will be done, resources required, who is responsible, when it will be completed and how the results will be evaluated.

Section 6.3: Planning of Changes

If any necessary changes are identified when planning for your QMS, they must be planned before executing. That planning is to include consideration of resource needs, potential consequences, the integrity of the QMS, and assignment of responsibilities and authorities.

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