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What is AS9017?

Control of Aviation Critical Safety Items (CSI) Standard

What is SAE AS9017?

This standard is designed to be used as a flow down to the aviation supply base to ensure consistent management of CSI requirements in line with specified government policy. The establishment of common requirements, for use at all levels of the supply-chain, by organizations should result in improved quality and safety, and decreased costs, due to the elimination or reduction of organization-unique requirements and the resultant variation inherent in these multiple expectations.

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This standard aligns with the elements found in Quality Management Systems standard AS9100 where the AS9017 requirements are in addition (and complementary) to the applicable AS9100 requirements. The majority of the new standards requirements are contained in the Product Realization and Measurement, Analysis and Improvement sections and prescribe the requirements that a supplier must have in their system for key processes.

What AS&D Standards will use AS9017?

The IAQG has now simplified the audit process, and applies to:

  • AS9100:2016-QMS Requirements for AS&D Organizations
  • AS91102016-QMS Requirements for AS&D Maintenance Organizations
  • AS9120:2016-QMS Requirements for AS&D Distributors

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