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AS9100 Rev D Performance Evaluation

Key Requirements:

  • Determine what, how, when and by whom results will be measured and evaluated.
  • Determine the methods for obtaining, monitoring, and reviewing customer satisfaction.
  • Have an objective, planned, and effectively implemented internal audit.
  • Top management is to review the quality management system (QMS) at planned intervals.

Section 9 Performance Evaluation

Section 9.1: Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis and Evaluation

In order to evaluate the performance of your QMS you need to identify what should be measured, how those measures will be monitored, and when this information will be analyzed. Many organizations meet this requirement using a company dashboard with key performance metrics (KPIs) that is reviewed by top management on a regular basis to determine if underperforming metrics need to be addressed.

There is specific information that top management is required to review during “management review” meetings (see section 9.3 below) and you may want to consider having these be your KPIs. With the exception of customer satisfaction your organization gets to ultimately determine what those KPIs should be.

Monitoring and reviewing customer satisfaction data is a requirement. That data must include information related to product and service conformity, on-time delivery, customer complaints, and corrective action requests. If you determine during analysis and evaluation of these customer service metrics that your organization is under performing, take actions to address these deficiencies.

Section 9.2: Internal Audit

Internal audits are a vital component of your QMS’ success. They are used to evaluate the degree of conformity to requirements. Those requirements include customer, statutory and regulatory, AS9100, and your organization’s requirements. It is through the internal audit process that gaps in your QMS are identified then addressed through your nonconformance process.

You are required to have an internal audit program that defines the scope, methods, auditor responsibilities, and frequency of your internal audits.

Section 9.3: Management Review

The KPIs your organization is monitoring (clause 9.1), customer satisfaction data (clause 9.1.2), and internal audit results (clause 9.2) are to be reviewed by top management during scheduled meetings. In addition, top management must also review in these meetings trends in feedback from interested parties, status of quality objectives, process performance, product and service conformity, nonconformities and corrective actions, the performance of suppliers, adequacy of resources, effectiveness of actions taken to address risks and opportunities, on-time delivery, and opportunities for improvement as well as the status of action items from previous management review meetings and changes in external and internal issues.

Action items should arise from reviewing this information that address improvement projects, resource needs, risks or opportunities, and changes that should be made to the QMS. All the topics discussed, and any action items must be recorded and retained.

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