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Time Saving Work Instruction Software by FFD

Tired of using an “Office” solution to author “Manufacturing” work instructions?

rs3.jpgIntroducing LockStep FREE – A free version of FFD’s industry leading desktop work instruction software designed to allow everyone to take advantage of the speed and efficiency of LockStep.

Easily upgradable to the fully licensed version of LockStep for complete image editing capabilities with no loss of data. For more information and a product comparison guide, please visit

Lockstep PC Based Software


Software for the small business that needs rapid work instruction authoring and paper deployment

Sequence Enterprise Integrated Software


Software for the manufacturing enterprise needing work instructions that are fully integrated with ERP/PLM/MES for AS9100 reporting.


  • Auto-formatting to PDF
  • PC based application
  • Can upgrade to an enterprise solution later


  • Real time paperless deployment
  • Complete revision control/history
  • Integrates with ERP
  • Collaborative authoring


  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Consistent formatting improves productivity



  • Ensures correct version of instructions are always being used
  • Eases burden of AS9100 reporting
  • Reduces cost of maintaining complete “as-built” record for all orders