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PEAR Forms Explained

What is PEAR?

A PEAR is a document that states results and provides evidence of determination on the effectiveness of a process.

PEAR was originally created to allow an auditor to methodically evaluate the effectiveness of a process based on the organization’s method for monitoring and measuring their processes. Evaluating “effectiveness” means the auditor assesses if the planned activities are carried out and achieved. Effectiveness specifically evaluates:

  • Meeting customers’ needs/requirements
  • Delivering Quality Products
  • Improving Continually
  • Meeting goals and objectives

General rules:

  • At a minimum, the results of each audited product realization process must be recorded on a PEAR.
  • Each process must be recorded on a separate PEAR.
  • There is no present minimal number of PEAR’s required from an audit.

When does a PEAR need to be done?

  • You should reference the quality manual and any other QMS documentation for a description and sequence of interaction of processes. 
  • At minimum, the results of each audited product process (determined by the organization- reference clauses 4.1 and 7.1) must be recorded on a PEAR.
  • There is a new focus on audit planning in AS9101F.
  • The AS9101F now requires intensive review of information/data in preparing for audits.
  • Included in the AS9101F data is the identification or processes including their interactions and sequencing.
  • After identifying these processes, you will then be able to prepare the audit plan/agenda and identify the PEAR processes.

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