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Compare ISO 9001:2008 to AS9100 Rev C

AS9100 Includes all of ISO 9001 quality management system requirements and specifies additional requirements for a quality management system for the aerospace industry. The additional aerospace requirements are shown in bold, italic text, and most are just emphasized ISO 9001 requirements.
  • AS9100 adds several unique requirements (see below)
  • Organizations can exclude certain parts of Section 7, similar to ISO 9001.
    • Example: Contract Manufacturers (Machine Shops, etc.) could exclude design and development from its QMS.
  • Download comparison matrix of ISO 9001 to AS9100 (Summary by section):

Need help migrating from ISO 9001 to AS9100c?
Don’t have a QMS but need to to reach AS9100 Rev C?

Here are the major additions to ISO 9001 and some tools to help:

Simplify your transition from ISO 9001 to AS9100 Rev C: