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AS9100 Lead Auditor Training

The AS9100 Store provides a current listing of AS9100 Lead Auditor training classes from most major AS9100 training providers. Please select from this updated AS9100 class listing by desired location, dates, costs or other factors.

AS9100 Lead Auditor Class Objectives:

  • Understanding of the Process Approach
  • Understand the requirements of 9101D
  • Audit on ISO 19011 guidance and the effective use of 9101D
  • Understanding the AS9100 Standard
  • Apply the RABQSA Auditor Certification Handbook
  • Form an audit team
  • Conduct an audit meeting
  • Determine needed documentation
  • Find, record and fix all nonconformities
  • Implement preventative measures to avoid future nonconformities
  • Explain the intent and requirement of clauses
  • Identify the audit evidence needed to demonstrate conformity to the requirements of AS9100:2009.
  • Describe the requirements of the current revision of ISO 19011 as applicable to the audit process.
  • Describe the function of first-, second-, and third-party audits, the similarities and differences, and the varying roles and responsibilities of the auditor, the auditee and the client of the audit client in each of these activities.
  • Describe the responsibilities of the auditor and the auditee at all stages of the corrective action process.
  • Undertake the roles and responsibilities of an auditor and of an audit team leader.


Outline (Typical Agenda)

Day One of AS9100 Lead Auditor Course:

  • Introduction
  • Terminology and Definitions
  • In Class Activity: Definitions
  • Background History and Rationale of Quality Management
  • Intro to the family of documents for AS9100C:2009
  • In Class Activity: Using the standard as the basis for an audit
  • Process approach practicum

Day Two of AS9100 Lead Auditor Training

  • Quality System Requirements.
  • Pre-Audit
  • Audit Planning
  • Using the Process Approach
  • Interpreting Audit Results
  • In Class Activity: Audit to AS9100C:2009
  • Control and implementation of AS9100C Audit Programs
  • QMS auditor qualifications
  • Responsibilities of Auditors
  • In Class Activity: Evaluation of Procedures and Forms
  • Understanding the Audit Checklist
  • In Class Activity: Writing Good Checklist Questions

Day Three of AS9100 Lead Auditor Onsite-Training

  • In Class Activity: Preparation for an Audit
  • Auditing planning (continued)
  • Auditing upper management
  • Auditing Owners
  • Auditing process trails
  • In Class Activity: Conducting the Audit
  • In Class Activity: Assembling Audit Findings
  • Documentation of the Quality System
  • In Class Activity: Reasons for Documenting
  • Plan and Conduct Audits
  • In Class Activity: Applicability of Clauses
  • In Class Activity: Audit Demos and Critiques

Day Four of AS9100 Lead Auditor Certification Class

  • Auditing Planning Trails (continued)
  • Conclusions and Certification
  • Surveillance Special Audits
  • Completing the Audit
  • In Class Activity: Preparing for the second audit
  • In Class Activity: Conducting the second audit
  • In Class Activity: Summarizing Audit Results
  • Elements of a Report
  • In Class Activity: Prepare for final meetings
  • In Class Activity: The Closing Meeting
  • Class Discussion

Day Five of AS9100 Lead Audit Seminar

  • Review
  • Practical Application of Audit Principles
  • Examinations
    • 9100 + 9101 Knowledge
    • 9100 Application
    • Interview
    • Lead Auditor Written Exam

Who Should Attend?

  • Management Representatives
  • Members of the AS9100 implementation team
  • Quality Directors
  • Internal Auditors
  • Consultants
  • Individuals who want to become a Certified RABQSA QMS Auditor
  • Individuals interested in conducting first, second, and third-party audits
  • Individuals leading their companies to AS9100 certification

AS9100 Lead Auditor Certification

Individuals who successfully display competence during these courses will receive a Certificate of Attainment stating that he or she has satisfied the AS9100C Foundations training requirements for Aerospace Auditors through RABQSA

  • RABQSA Lead Auditor Certificate
  • IAQG-Sanctioned Aerospace Auditor Transition Training to Revision C certificate

Special Features

  • Online AS9100 Lead Auditor Training is not permissible. However, some courses combine an initial component over the Internet, and conclude with a 3-day classroom section under the guidance of an experienced trainer. (Online & Instructor Led)
  • TPECS – Some organizations have the ability to provide TPECS modular instruction. TPECS: Training Provider Examination Certification Scheme.
  • TPECS Ensures:
    • Improved assessment and evidence of competence;
    • A more effective and efficient personnel certification process; and
    • Greater involvement of training providers in the personnel certification process.
  • AATT
  • Other Special Features may vary